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Herbal Division

Almost 80% of the raw materials for ayurvedic medicines are plant-based. Recent advances in modern medicine have increased the risk of toxic effects of drugs and synthetics on the human system. The plant-based drugs, on the other hand, are devoid of bad after-effects. The medicines prepared at Kandamkulathy's manufacture unit strictly adhere to the age-old herbal formula and scholarly insights of preparing them which ensures purity and effectiveness. At Kandamkulathy Vaidyasala, this is made possible because of their vast herbal garden which contains medicinal plants needed for all their medicines. The experts ensure the purity and liability of the raw drugs before production and the medicines produced undergo quality tests before dispersing.

The endangered species of rare medicinal plants are cultivated for medicinal purposes as well as for the research purposes and also in a motive to preserve them for the coming generations.

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