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Research and Development

The truly remarkable ancient healing system, Ayurveda, when brought under strict scientific reasoning and analysis, produces a wide range of medications that are well researched, safe and effective. India has a wide variety of medicinal plants that are used in various traditional systems of medicine. Proper scientific validation of these herbs and their mechanism of action, bio-active composition and standardization will indeed produce an array of effective medications and treatments.

Kandamkulathy R&D Department, comprehended with scholars in biotechnology, microbiology and chemistry, is a very potent team always in research of modifying the taste and increasing the quality of the traditional medicines to make it more palatable and transportable without losing its effectiveness. All raw drugs are tested for its purity in the well equipped modernized laboratory before production and all medicines produced are undergone quality check before dispersing. The untold medicinal values of various drugs itself as a whole and also in combinations are researched and clinical studies are done for times in Kandamkulathy.

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